Dap an K58 Sample MT Test

Dear 63303 students,

Here below are the answers to your Sample MT test given to you on Tuesday 29th October:

– We will work on the Listening section when we meet again.

READING (21-25: 2 points/ correct answer, 26-40: 1 point/ correct answer)

21: T22: T23: DS24: T25: F

26: C27: B28: A29: A30: C

31: from32: famous33: found34: did35: to36: first
37: own38: until39: enough40: on

GRAMMAR / PRONUNCIATION (1 point/ correct answer)

41: D42: D43: C44: C45: A
46: A47: C48: D49: A50: C

51: A52: C53: D54: D55: C
56: C57: C58: D59: C60: C

61: D62: D63: C64: B65: A


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